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State of “Clash of Clans”

First things first, I would like to thank mediapluck for graciously allowing us members of the Clash of Clans community to have an open and uncensored floor to share our views on the game. I have grown frustrated with the current official forum due to the growing fascist attitude of Supercell and the trolling nature of senior forum members. Over the past few weeks, Supercell moderators have deleted or closed my threads, and I feel that it is now time to take my talents elsewhere. If you know me from the official forums, you know that I speak my mind about issues in the game and have a “no holds barred” attitude when it comes to that. Without further adieu, here is the state of “Clash of Clans” today, Dec. 21, 2012:

 Since the start of my career in CoC, I have noted a surprising trend in the way Supercell updates this game. They have chosen the riskier “surprise” method of updating. In this method, the company does not tell you when and how the update will occur, and are somewhat vague about the contents of each update. Sure, Supercell may show sneak peaks on their Facebook page, but those sneak peaks only show the flashy contents of an update to heighten the suspense of players.

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