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How do the Masteries work?

The Masteries are unlocked at level 15. Tap on any product building to see 3 empty star slots above the name of the building. Stars are earned based on total production time, measure in hours. For example, you get your first Bakery star by producing 100 hours worth of products in the Bakery!

The next stars require even more production time! The reward for collecting each star is a permanent increase in the products attributes -

1 star: products from the machine worth x-amount % more coins in car orders,

2 stars: products from the machine worth x-amount % more XP in car orders,

3 stars: building produces products x-amount % faster + a visual reward to the building. You can tap on the info icon next to the stars for more information! When you own more than one of the same kind of production buildings, total product times are combined!

For example if you have two Smelters and produce 1 gold bar in each smelter, you will total 24h of production time (12h/gold bar). If you receive a star for one Smelter, you will get a star for the second Smelter as well! You will still earn production hours towards mastery when you spend diamonds to speed up production times!

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