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Basic Guides: Star War Galaxy of Heroes

Like most strategy mobile games, Star War Galaxy of Heroes requires you to progress the game wisely and gain enough Star of Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Crystals as currency. You’ll begin the game by going through a short Tutorial and be locked out of many game features until you’ve reached a certain player level. Just keep progressing and the full game will be available to you soon enough. Here we will give you some suggestions for heroes, training, and promoting characters!

 About acquiring Heroes. Everyone starts off with a few basic Heroes, but then you’ll need to progress through the game, pull data cards, and farm to collect more powerful characters. The easiest way to collect Star Wars Characters is from Data Cards. If you are going to spend any money on this game, buy the Chromium Data Pack bundles for your best chances to unlock characters. This will give you an edge in the early stages of the game and allow you to spend time upgrading stronger Heroes immediately.

 Each Character can also be unlocked by farming Shards. Go to your character screen, and on the holo image of a hero, you will see a Find button. This will show you what battles have the option of looting a Shard for that Character or you can just check the character pages in our database. Shards are also obtainable by completing achievements or purchasing a variety of shipments. Once you’ve acquired the requisite number of Shards, you can activate the character. Relative power of your Heroes is effected by Promotions, Training, Gear, and Ability Levels. If you are clueless on which characters to go after during the early stages, you can view our recommendations or use the Abilities Database, Squad Synergy tool, or Rankings List to design your own powerful group.

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 About Training and Promoting Characters. Characters unlock at a specific Star level regardless of the pack you pull it from.  The more powerful Heroes require 80 Shards to unlock as a 4*, 50 as a 3*, 25 as a 2* and 10 as a 1*.  Promotion is one of the best ways to increase a hero’s strength and one of three ways to increase a characters stats.  The Star Promotion level effects the primary stat gains of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence per Number level.  The 2nd way to increase a Hero’s power is to train them by using remotes. This increases the character’s level to a Max equal to your Player Level. Be sure to not overtrain.  Start with the highest star training remote and drop it by one, then rinse and repeat until you get to the 1 star training remote to cap off the level. This way you are not wasting the experience received from higher tier remotes when hitting level cap.  More details on the correct way to train.  Feel free to read more about how Levels and Stars effect a characters stats in our articles section.

 In the beginning, you will find credits in abundance, but around the mid 40’s credits become a premium resource. Take steps early to conserve credits and only focus on training, promoting, and gearing your 10 best Heroes (5 Light Side & 5 Dark Side). Prioritize the 5 Characters of your PvP Arena Squad and then the other 5. As leveling slows down, you can then start focusing on other characters you intend to build up for various playstyles, Events, and Challenges.

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