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The Most Basic Guides for Clash Royale

What is the hottest app game in 2016? It is definitely Pokemon Go. Of course, another game Clash Royale is also the favorite for those who like card collecting and battle games. If you are new to Clash Royale, you need to know that there are 10 arenas, including the Training Camp and the maximum level is thirteen. In the beginning the game, you will be give 4 cards from a deck of 8 cards you selected and use them to attack and defend. Both Clash Royale gems and clash royale trophies are important while playing. You can get trophies in clash royale with less money at! Here we suggest read carefully the tips and guides for new beginner below!

 - Don’t Spend Gold Irresponsibly. Gold is the currency in Clash Royale players are rewarded for winning battles or for completing daily chests. If they win more battles, they will be able to unlock more chests, and some will take them three hours to unlock, while others take eight or twelve hours. Gold can be used to upgrade troops (Giant, Goblins, skeletons, a baby Dragon), but gradually, once players progress into the game. Supercell has brought some changes in the May Clash Royale update, and now players don’t spend as much Gold as before on cards purchased from the Card Shop. You can buy Clash Royale gems cheap and faster at!

 - Use Skeleton Attacks. There are many types of Skeleton troops and they can be used to distract enemies, by deploying them before dropping a bigger “tank” troop that will do a lot of damage. So, the best combination is between Skeletons and a Giant, as they can take out a Tower very easy.

 - Choose Variety. It’s important to set up the battle deck as wisely as possible, to mix it up wisely, with high and low Elixir troops and at the same time, to include both ground and air troops. Some players use Giants, skeletons, the Baby Dragon or Valkyrie – they do splash damage. Valkries can stop Giants, while other troops attack the enemy Towers.

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