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Dark Summoner Advancement Guide

Energy: Is a stat that can be raised ever level or when some one or you accept an ally request, leveling up gives you 3 points and ally request reward you with 5 points, these points can be distributed either to energy or to increase your BP. Energy is used to do missions, attack raid monsters and to do event missions, the uses of energy could be changed in further events, but these are the basic options. The amount of energy you consume doing a mission is always stated when doing them, but the cost tend to rise the more you progress in the missions or in the events. Although there are some points when the cost can decrease, but the general tendency is for it to rise. Investing in energy currently is one of the most efficient ways to level up, gain monsters and gain power, this might change in future meta changes.
Note: Energy regenerates every 3 minutes (180 seconds), this can be further decrease for it to regenerate faster by completing achievements which can be seen either going to help and searching acheivments or going to collections.

BP (battle points): Works the same as energy but its only used in PVP battles, or in certain events. It can be increased like energy. The amount you consume is equal to the amount of BP your formation has. Having a high BP generaly shows you as a potencial enemy in which case can avoid you being attacked due to that some players can attack you up to 3 times a day to "farm" your gold. This amount can only be raised with your formation not by investing skill points. Mainly is just for meeting the BP requirements for your formation the rewards from battling isnt as high as missions, although some battles could reward you with a much higher gold reward than from missions, but since it regenrates so fast its use now is only for battle related events.

Note: BP regenrates every 60 second, it can be further decreased like your energy but it is alot harder than decreasing your energy regeneration timer.

Selling: When selling a monster the gold you recieve from each monster is equal to the amount of BP each monster has for example selling a monster which has 10 BP you´ll recieve 1000 gold for a monster which has 1 BP you´ll receive only 100 gold. This does not aply to gold golem or silver golems which are sold for 2012 (silver golem), 4024 (silver golem+), 8048 (gold golem) and 16092 (gold golem+), the prices on the rest of golem are normal. When selling a monster which has rank A or higher the game should warn you if you are sure to sell the monster, even though you be presented a overview of the monsters selected to sell before any transaction is made.

When you are low on gold try selling your high BP monsters and leave the lower level BP monster for sacrificing. Note that sacrifising is only recomended for monster which have rank B+ or higher, the lower rank monsters are for either gold or victims of the sacrifices. Sacrifice rank C,C+, some B and B+ to level up your rank B+ or higher monsters.

Acheivements: Are earned by completing certain requirements which can be found in collections or in the help area under acheivements. The rewards rise the more levels you accomplish in these achievments which can range from faster energy regeration or gold per hour to higher exp gain from sacrifices.

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