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Game Introduction - Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania by Team Lava games is a fresh take on match-three fun! Play through sixty fast-paced, challenging levels with pre-assigned goals for you to meet in a specified number of turns or within preset time limits. Purchase power-ups to help you reach your goals and play against your friends! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Getting Started

Jewel Mania can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.
You will be asked if you would like push notifications sent to your device when you load the game for the first time. You can change your notifications settings at any time in the settings menu.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania

The game can be connected to your Facebook account via the social menu. Once you sign in you will be able to find friends that are also playing the game and you can connect to random players. You will also be given forty bars of premium currency which is very valuable in the game.

There is a brief tutorial showing you how to work through various game elements. This guide will get you started and give you a more detailed look at how to play the game along with player tips for better scores.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania

Game Settings

Tap on the gear icon at the bottom right of the game menu screen and this will cause the settings menu to appear. Here you can adjust game sounds, turn notifications on or off, log in or out of Facebook and get help with game basics by turning on hints.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania

Screen Elements
Energy – Energy is represented by the blue lightning bolt icon and you can have a maximum of five energy points on hand at a time. It will cost you one energy point to play one level and if you are successful and completing the level with at least two stars you will be rewarded with one energy point. If you lose a level several times you risk losing all the energy you have on hand and you can either purchase a refill of five energy points for ten gold bars premium currency or you can wait to generate more at a rate of one energy point every thirty minutes.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 5

Game Currency
Silver Coins – This is the basic game currency and what you are awarded when you complete a level. You will even win a small amount of currency if you lose the turn. You start the game with five hundred silver coins.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 6

Gold bars – Gold bars are the premium currency of the game. You can use this currency to purchase power ups that will give you major advantages during each level of the game. You can also purchase energy refills so you do not have to wait for it to regenerate over time. You will start out with ten free gold bars and you may win more when you complete a level successfully and move up a level up in the game.
Gold bars must be purchased with real currency. You can access the currency by tapping on the “+” symbol to the right of each currency indicator along the top of the game screen or when you try to purchase something the game will prompt the menu.
You also have the option to earn forty free gold bars for signing up with your Facebook account. Once you do this friends playing the game will show up on your game screen in comparison to your score.
Purchases are considered “In app” purchases and will be charged to your mobile device.
Prices of coins or gold bars range from $.99 to $49.99 USD. The larger the bundle you purchase the better overall rate you will receive.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 7

Game Elements - How to Play
Each level will present you with a different game grid of jewels and an objective you must complete. Game objectives are always listed in the top left corner of your game screen.
There are sixty levels to the game at this time and this guide refers to the first twenty five levels but know that beyond level twenty five there are many new elements such as portals, treasure hunting and more to discover.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 8

Time based objective – These are timed levels where you must earn a certain amount of points in an allotted amount of time or you must break down glass panes, wood panels, or other barriers in the time given. In these levels there is a timer across the top of the game screen.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 9

Move based objectives – In these levels you will be given a certain number of moves to complete an objective. You may have to earn a certain number of points with thirty moves or may have to break down all barriers on the screen in a certain number of moves. Note – You will earn high point bonuses for any turns left over when you complete your goals. For example if you are given thirty turns to earn fifty thousand points and you do it in twenty turns those last ten turns will turn into extra points for your overall score.

Matching jewels – You must match at least three or more jewels of the same color by using your finger tip and switching the positions of the jewels. Once you make a match of three the jewels will disappear and you will earn points. The more jewels you match the more points you earn. Also, the faster you make matches the more you earn and various power ups can increase the number of points they earn for you.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 10

Blasting jewels – If you make a match of four jewels you will make a blasting jewel which will sit on the board until you match it with at least two other jewels of the same color and this will cause a blast to occur horizontally and vertically on the grid removing all obstacles on those paths.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 10a

Magic diamond – If you match five jewels of the same color you will make a magic diamond which appears on the grid. Touch this diamond then any color jewel directly next to it and all jewels of that color on the grid will instantly disappear and you will earn large numbers of points for every jewel affected.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 11

Rainbow Star – When you make a match of more than six you will create a rainbow star jewel which will give you the ability to match it with any other like colored jewel. It is a wild card jewel.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 12

Bomb jewel – Make a “T” or an “L” shaped match on the grid with jewels of the same color and you will create a bomb jewel. Switch this jewel with two more of the same color and a large area of the board will be removed after the bomb explodes.

Bomb and blasting jewel exchanges – If you can get a bomb and a blasting jewel next to each other switch place with them and this will cause a huge explosion with a large amount of points. Note – This is the only instance where the jewels do NOT have to be the same color!

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 13

Breaking the glass/double glass – Some levels will require you to make matches over glass panes. Once you make a match the pane of glass will break. Once you break all of them you complete the level. You may have a time limit to do this or a point limit as your goal. Double glass – Some levels have double glass where you must make two color matches of three or more jewels to break the glass.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 13a

Digging/Dirt tiles – In these levels you must make matches directly next to the dirt tiles in order for them to disappear. You will see these obstacles around level fifteen and up.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 14

Boosts – You have the option to purchase boosts or power ups before each level. There can be one to three available for purchase and they all have different advantages. You can purchase one to three to use at once and some are available for purchase with silver coins and some require gold bars.
A few types of boosts or power ups include;

“Scrambler” – Reshuffles all the jewels on the grid once.

“Score boost” – Increases the value of all jewels by twenty five percent on the grid.

“Power bomb” – Destroys everything in a large area of the grid where you touch it.

Note – If you purchase a boost it is good only for that turn. If you do not use it by tapping on it while you are in the game grid to activate it you will lose it and all the funds invested in it.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 15

Game Map
The game map is divided into ten locations each with six levels for you to complete. You will earn one to three level stars based on your overall performance. When you earn the minimum number of stars needed to complete a location you will unlock the next location. When you earn at least two stars you will earn one energy point as a reward in addition to a coin reward and sometimes a gold bar premium currency.
There is a small magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen. Tap on this to zoom in or out of the map then use your fingertip to move around the map. Tap on the location and then the level you wish to play. You can replay a level to try and earn more stars once you have unlocked it.

Each jewel you clear from the grid is worth fifty points and jewels that are cleared in matches of five or more are worth one hundred points each.

If you remove jewels with special items such as bombs, blasting jewels or magic diamonds are worth much more.

You will also earn more points if you have turns left over in turn requirement levels. For example if you have thirty matches to complete a level and you reach your goal in twenty the extra ten will earn you points on the board.

Boosts – These power ups will sometimes increase the number of points the jewels are worth on the board when matched.

Speed of play – If you play quickly and remove jewels while other jewels are falling off the board you will be awarded with extra points.

You will see special jewels appear on the game grid when you finish a goal early and these will detonate at the end of a turn and give you even more bonus points.

Game Introduction - Jewel Mania 16

Failing a level
If you fail a level you will see notification screen and will be allowed to try again. It will cost you another energy point and you will earn a very small coin reward based on your level.

Game Tips/Additional Information
Each level must be completed before you can progress to the next. You can replay any level from the level map to try and earn three stars if you did not your first time around. You must have a certain number of stars earned at each location on the map before you can unlock and proceed to the next location and set of six levels.
Using power ups is a great way to increase your chances of passing a level. You can purchase them with silver coins and with premium gold bars. They are available before you begin a level and you can stop the game and purchase more during the level. There are only a maximum of three power ups available per level and the type available varies and you will see a different three power ups available for each level. If you can afford them they are very helpful especially level twenty and above.
Energy can be regenerated at a rate of one point every thirty minutes for free so if you run out you can either purchase more with ten gold bars for five energy points or wait until you energy meter refills on its own. If you earn at least two stars from playing a level you will be rewarded with coins and one energy point.
If you have a Facebook account and decide to link it with the game you will be rewarded with forty premium gold bars. Tap on the Facebook icon on the game map or go into the settings menu to log in.
If you purchase a game boost for your level and do not use it you will lose it as they do not carry over to any other levels. Some boosts start automatically when your level starts and some you must tap on to activate when you feel it is optimal while playing the game grid.
You have completed the basic quick start guide for Jewel Mania. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here.

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