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Details of The Upcoming Clash of Clans Updates You Can't Miss

Supercell announced they would update Clash of Clans. Many players must be excited to know this news. The update will most likely bring a major overhaul to levels at Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 11. Read the following parts for more details. By the way, is definitely a good way to buy clash of clans gems.

Previous updates released gave more attention on Town Hall level 11 and above. In the upcoming updates, maybe all players will have a chance to boost their Town Hall levels. Recent reports reveal that the other areas of the game will also be improved.

The updates might not cause major alterations in Clash of Clans because they are only targeted to enhance the current offense and defense features of the game. They are also intended to address the issues caused by the recent patch.

Majority of players want Supercell to finally bring balance among players. A few days ago,Supercell did state that they will bring balance changes among players by not making units either too strong or too weak. The developers also plan to introduce a new form of defense.

Some fans are also hoping to see new levels for structures and troops. This will most likely affect those who lie between Town Hall Level 1 to 10. One thing that a lot of fans want to see are new heroes. Majority of them want to see a powerful new hero, who will be as powerful as other heroes.

Another balancing change coming with the Clash of Clans update will help attackers. Players can deploy more troops before the Eagle Artillery gets activated. According to the company, it has made this change to give players more flexibility before they start attacking.

Clash of Clans September update might finally bring the penalty feature, which will prevent players from overusing resources. This thing is getting out of hand, so Supercell will have to take some serious actions before players start losing their interest in the game.

We will keep on updating the related news. Keep your eyes on if you want to know the latest Clash of Clans news. BTW, don't be hesitated to get coc gems here if you want to get high score. What's more, clash royale gems are also available here. Big bonus is waiting for you!

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