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Summoners War Crystals - Win The Battle With Summoners War Cheats

Summoners war crystals are the special in-game currency in Summoners War. It is a safe way to get summoners war crystals at Besides that, we can also offer you useful summoners war cheats and guides that can help you get high score. Read the following parts for more details.

1. Take advantage of Glory Points in the Glory Store
Earn more glory points by participating in the Arena. You earn them every time you fight, and you earn them every time someone battles you, as well. Go to the Glory Point Store and you can buy more unknown scrolls, mystical scrolls, and buildings which increase your energy, mana production, and which can provide blanket statistical increases for all of your monsters.

2.Know Which Monster Attributes are Strong and Weak Against One Another
Every monster in the game is associated with one particular element. You should always know which elemental properties are strong and weak against its contemporaries. There’s Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark. Note that Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Wind, Wind is strong against Water, and Light/Darkness are only weak against each other.

3.You Should Focus on Attacking One Enemy at a Time
Focus on your attacking efforts on taking down one monster on the field at a time. Don’t have your party of monsters space out their attacks during their turn. Have everyone attack the same monster during their turn. In our opinion, this tactic will make your life much easier as you’ll knock down monsters one by one and give them less of a chance of making a comeback.

4.Farm the main support monsters
Generally the 3 main support monsters are Ahman (Light Bearman), Shannon (Wind Pixie), and Bernard (Wind Griffon). These 3 units make a wonderful addition to any ToA/Cairos Dungeon team. Other good units to farm would be Belladon (Light Inugami), Darion (Light Vagabond), Konamiya (Water Garuda), and Neal (Light Fairy). These all can be good additions as well, but are more situational. To my knowledge these are all farmable, or extremely easy to get access to via shop.

5.Participate in the Arena Battles as Much as Possible
A ton of great rewards lie inside the Arena. Depending on the rank that you get while competing, you’ll come away with Crystals and even more essential items for your monsters. Try to take on the less difficulty parties that reside at the Arena (you can check their difficulty status by checking their number of swords). The higher your ranking once you complete an event, the better your rewards shall be. Keep competing in the Arena for more Arena points and EXP. Buy the Arena defenses to increase your chances of succeeding as well.

Hope these guides can help you to win the battle. Summoners war crystal is also important to play the game better. As the safe site to sale summoners war crystals, guarantee 100% safe and cheap summoners war crystals. Buy summoners war crystals with 5min delivery now!

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