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DragonVale Beginner’s Guide

New players are always joining in the DragonVale realm and we want to ensure that all new players get full benefit out of their starting DragonVale park.  We compiled this guide just for that, so new players are able to get a jump start on their DragonVale experience.

Getting Started

When you first launch the DragonVale game there will already be a training mode set for new players. You can follow the tutorial until they tell you to use Gems to speed up the process. Yes, that’s right. Do not follow through with using the gems and you will have about 11 Gems at the end of the tutorial to upgrade your nursery. Simply just put the device down or let the time past to finish the tutorial.

DragonVale Nursery

The DragonVale Nursery has a max capacity of 4 breeding hatches. This means that while another egg in the hatch is is waiting to be hatched you can add up to four. It’s not as simple as that though, why? because you will only start with 1 hatch bay for the DragonVale Nursery.  To upgrade these nursery hatches you must use gems.

DragonVale Gems

DragonVale Gems is one thing you cannot obtain through your dragons, well there is one way. We will talk about that later. DragonVale Gems are the Rubies that allows you to do all wonders in DragonVale, this includes speeding up buildings, eggs, breedings, and even buy dragons!

There are a few ways to obtain DragonVale Gems. The most used way is probably trying to get your friends from Game Center to send you a “gift” which is a gem. Another ways include Colosseum prizes or just simply putting 10 bucks into the game to buy a sack.

DragonVale Cash/Coins

DragonVale Cash or Coins are used to buy a number of things in the DragonVale Market. This includes habitats, decorations, and even starter dragons. You can gain cash from your dragons when they are filling up your habitats with lots of coins.

DragonVale Habitats

Each dragon in DragonVale has their own corresponding habitat based on their elements. You can place the dragon with the correct element into only the habitat with the same element. Be sure to check which habitat your dragons can fit into! Each habitat also has a max cash capacity, so if you see your habitat not gaining past 500 cash then that’s because it is maxed out.

DragonVale breeding guides

We have the absolute best DragonVale breeding guide and many have originated from authors and writers here. We have gone through with the writers and re-established a better, easier to read, and complete DragonVale breeding guide for each dragon. Simply check out the dragon you would like to breed and you will instantly get the best breeding method in the entire game!

Please do note that breeding simple starter dragons will be much easier compared to dragons that are more rare. Fortunately, with the correct breeding method and time you will absolutely get the dragons you want!

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