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Guides of Winning Marvel Contest of Champions

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1. Focus Upgrade Higher Star Ranked Heroes

It can be tempting to start upgrading your heroes when you first start the game. Do not do it! Wait until you have a roster of 3 star heroes and upgrade those. If you are stuck and really have to upgrade lower star heroes, start with 2 stars. Never ever spend your precious ISO-8 on the 1 star heroes, unless you have maxed out all the others first.

Focus to upgrade your higher star heroes as they have higher potentials. The higher rarity heroes typically have stronger skills, better stats, more synergy options. All in all, save your ISO-8's. For detailed guides on leveling up and ranking up your hero, as well as finding information on catalyst requirements, please check out Level up and Rank guide for Marvel: Contest of Champions.

2.You Can Get Heroes In Many Ways
There are several ways in which you can recruit more heroes to your cause. For starters, the Premium Hero Crystal will have you spending 100 units for a decent chance at getting heroes with two to four stars. We’d say this is the best way for you to get higher-skilled heroes. The Daily Crystal, which rewards you for logging in daily, can give you heroes with one to three stars, though the chances of adding a three-star hero to your lineup aren't too high. You can also get an Arena Crystal for winning arena fights, and an Arena Event Ranking Reward. For the former, the chances of getting a four-star hero are quite small, but it’s a chance nonetheless.

3.Upgrade Your Higher-Ranked Heroes First
So you’ve got a few heroes to start with and you're now able to upgrade them. Should you go ahead and do it, or wait it out a bit? We’d advise you to wait until you've got three-star heroes (or higher) in your lineup so you can upgrade those highly-ranked characters before everyone else. Upgrading two-star heroes is fine if that’s the highest rank you’ve had for a while. As for one-star heroes, only upgrade them when you’ve upgraded everyone else in your lineup to the fullest extent possible.

4.Be Familiar With Your Hero’s Specials
All the heroes in this game have their own combos and specials, and while we wouldn't insist that you learn everybody's special moves, you should at least know those of the heroes who are part of your team, or about to become part of it. Then again, you may also want to do some research on specials, as enemies can fire them off as well. Either way, they can be blocked (or you can block an enemy's specials) if you're quick enough to do so.

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