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Clash of Clans Gems No Survey - Best Free Attacking Strategy Update

Get Clash of Clans gems no survey at! Want to win every clan war? Hey, you just come to the best site to find full stock of cheap coc gems for sale as well as the the best strategy guide to teach play better in Clash of Clans. To make every attacking better, you should first figure out what you are raiding for - Resources or Trophies.

 - BARCH - Barbarians and Archers : Typically for bases which have their mines and collectors full. Also useful for bases which are compartmentalised and asymmetric. About 100 Barbarians, 100 archers, 4-5 giants and wallbreakers. Use Heal spells and Rage when required. Remember to pull out Clan castle troops before you go all in. Never use heroes against CC troops.  Be prepared to lose trophies with this.

 - Giant Heavy : As you go higher up, you will find that Barching isn't going to help you reach the storages. Give ample meat shield using giants. Follow immediately with Wizards and archers. Make sure the CC troops are all neutralised before dropping all giants. Clear up using goblins. Army composition : 20 Giants, 10 WBs, 10 Wizards, 40 Archers, 15 barbarians and 25 goblins. Use heroes to clear up the base behind the troops. Will need 2 Heal spells, 2 rage spells and a freeze (if there are infernos) or jump (if too many compartments).

 - GoWiWi : Decide one specific route to the TH. Drop the golems and follow up with witches and wizards. Keep the golems alive with heal and rage to protect the WiWi behind. Clear up using heroes. Must have one Golem in your CC. If you want to own an abundance of Clash of Clans gems, just get coc gems at best price and fast delivery!

 - GoWiPe : Golems-Wizards-Pekkas : You will need a few WBs with this formations to make way for the Golems. Drop Pekkas and wizards and clear up with Heroes. Carry Rage spells, a heal and a lightning.

 - Hogs : Hog riders are susceptible to only one defence : The spring trap. Carry a couple of giants and a few archers/wizards for the CC troops. Once the CC troops are neutered, go all out with hogs Carry 5 heal spells and drop each spell slightly ahead of the next defence unit that the hogs will attack to cover as much area as possible. Use the spells only when the hog riders' life is lesser than half. Clear up with heroes.

 - Loonian Attack : Attack with Balloons and Minions : Must have max. level Balloons (or level 5 min.) and max/level 5 minions. 28 Balloons (+5 in CC) 40 minions, a couple of giants and wizards to clear the CC troops. Carry rage spells and a freeze (if there are infernos). Clear up with Heroes.

 - Dragons Ahoy! : 10 Dragons. 20 minions. First neuter CC troops. If there are wizards, they can destroy this strategy. Use Rage spells and a freeze (if there are infernos). Clear up using Heroes.

 Hope you can make the best of these attacking strategy guide and coc gems no survey to win your battles! At the same time, you are able to find more in-game currency like Clash royale gems, game of war gold, Summoners War crystals, and marvel contest of champions units at the discount price. So feel free to buy what you need to help you enjoy the thrills of gameplay! Moreover, you can also keep close here for more excellent strategy guides update!

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