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CSR Racing FAQ/Strategy Guide

CSR Racing Game Information

Developed by Boss Alien LTD

Published by NaturalMotion Games

Released: June 28th, 2012

Current Game Version: 1.2.0

How To Play

Game Overview

The game is separated into 5 levels known as tiers. To progress to the next tier you must participate in Crew Battles and eventually defeat the Crew Leader.

To be able to beat the crew members you will need to modify your vehicle. Regulation Races are a great place to grind out some cash.

When you reach a new tier, you will need to buy a new vehicle of that tier type (see the Vehicle list for details).

Races come in 2 distances:

1/4 mile race: These are the most common type, and also the more difficult in my opinion. These races require better timing on the players part, with good starts and good shifting. Grip and Gearbox stats are important here.
1/2 mile race: These endurance races depend a bit more on the vehicle stats. Power and weight are important here.
Races come in 4 difficulties:

Easy (1 bar filled out of the 4):
Don't fear these. Your vehicle is superior in every way to your opponents, and even with racing slip ups on your part you should win (Don't fall asleep at the wheel though, it's not impossible to lose).
Challenging (2 bars filled out of the 4):
Your vehicle rating is very similar to the opponents. Sloppy driving skills will see you lose this race, but perfect (or good) launches and shifting will grab you the win.
Hard (3 bars filled out of the 4):
Your opponent has a superior vehicle rating to you, and you need more modifications to your vehicle. These races might be possible to win with perfect driving, a mechanic tune up, and lots of luck.
Extreme (4 bars filled out of the 4):
Don't even attempt it. You need a serious vehicle upgrade.

Race Overview

Each race requires 3 interactions from the player: The vehicle launch, shifting gears, and using the nitrous boost.

Vehicle Launch:

The race will not start until you are pushing on the accelerator.
For a 'Perfect Start' you will need to rev the vehicle at the rpm where the green shift lift is flashing by the time the race starts. This shift light can be found between the tachometer and the gear indicator.
Tip: The accelerator doesn't need to be pressed down when the race starts, all that matters is the rpm the vehicle is currently revved to. If you have a problem with launches, try to over-rev the engine and let the rev fall down to the green shift light position when the countdown is over.
Shifting Gears:

For a 'Perfect Shift' you need to hit the upshift paddle (the right paddle) when the green shift light is flashing. Below the shift light you will see 3 blue lights build up (bottom to top) before the green shift light activates, like it is saying "1...2...3...shift now". Above the tachometer you will also see the words 'GET READY' and 'SHIFT NOW'.
Nitrous Boost:

Nitrous will give you a serious boost of speed during races. The nitrous button can be found on the left side of the race view. It is a red circular button with N2O written on it.
Tip: The best time to boost is after your wheelspins. Thus, I prefer to use it after shifting into 3rd gear, since you wheelspin on launch and usually after shifting into 2nd. Nitrous boosting during wheelspin will only extend the spin longer.
After Race Screen:

Not only do you race faster with Perfect and Good shifts/starts, but you also earn bonus cash.

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