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Arcane Empires Strategy Guide

Playing Styles
There is really no "right" way to playing Arcane Empires. There is no medal for achieving anything, and there is no end game where you can declare yourself a winner of anything. Even rankings are highly subjective (is the person with the highest troops killed ranking the best player, or the person who has the highest power?). Therefore, this is all a matter of opinion and preference.

With that said, if you can find your own niche and learn how to deal with players of different playing types, you will go very far.

There can be 5 different playing types:


These are those who LOVE action and that troops killed ranking! They will do anything to kill more troops, even if it means zeroing themselves. They like smack talking to get others aroused and do some fighting. They are often very active and very hard to back down. Many people admire these types because they feel as if this is the true way to play a war game. It also makes the game more exciting. I cannot say I disagree.

If you come across one of these players and don't want the action, the best way is to lose their interest. If they want to kill your troops, stop letting your troops die! No more walls, ya hear?!? Don't send mail to them, because they will just love to hear what you have to say and aggravate you even more. You can't reason with them, so just be boring, and they'll move onto someone more exciting than you.


This is where I fall in, and where a majority of active players fall into. They will never say no to some easy kills, but also don't mind cruising along and building might until they find someone to attack. The really big difference between passive aggressive players and aggressive players is they aren't constantly look for people to bully. If they stumble across a fish to pick on, however, you can bet they won't back down easily.

These people are slightly easier to reason with than aggressive players. If you aren't giving them what they want (resources and easy kills), they will more likely back off. Since they're active and aren't afraid to shed blood, they also tend to be good friends and allies.


Even though you may not see too much of them, there's actually quite a good amount of passive players and they're actually quite active. These are the players who just love building power and concentrate on farming and building. They avoid making a scene and prefer peace. Many people make fun of these players as "might hoggers" or tell them this isn't "Farmville," but if this is how you like to play, then there's no harm or foul in that.

Passive players are pretty easy to deal with. If you show them in any way that you are active, they will probably back down because they don't want to get into a fight. Attacking them back even once can give them the idea that you don't want them to mess with you. You can probably even reason with them through messaging.


Nobody ever wants to be classified as a farm. These are the people who constantly are unable to protect their resources from being raided. Getting raided every now and then for resources doesn't necessarily classify you as a farm. It has to be consistent. Farms are usually wanna-be passive players who aren't active enough or wanna-be passive aggressive players who don't quite have the game mechanics down.

If you come across someone who is a farm, the solution is simple. You farm them.

Or you don't. Up to you.


The major difference between farms and inactive players is that farms never want to be farms, but inactive players have chosen to be inactive for a reason and they have stopped playing the game. Perhaps this playing style is a little confusing because inactive players ARE farms, too. The difference is that farms aren't always inactive, and so that's why we have the two categories here.

I don't think I need to go over what you should do if you come across an inactive...

You should choose the best playing style that best suits you, not what other people say you should do.

I personally prefer passive aggressive because I like the action behind being aggressive, but definitely don't have the time to be constantly looking for people to bully. I am far more reasonable than people who are aggressive because my goal isn't just to kill, but more so I am looking for getting the most out of the time that I do spend on the game. I care more about kill ratios, power gained, and being efficient. Therefore, you will also notice that while my guides are focused on game strategies, they are also biased towards my playing style. As a result, please keep this in mind as you read the rest of my guides. Pick and choose which you would like to read and follow, but I don't expect nor want these guides to be a formula on how you should play the game.

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