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Clash of Clash Update for Xmas: New Troops, Holiday Gifts to Come

Xmas is around the corner! Except the widely celebration, Clash of Clans’s December update has been released as usual. Supercell released that new troops and more holidays gifts which would go live on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Of course, Clash of Clans gems is as important as before. To win every clan war, you have to figure out the best way to obtain more coc gems! The fastest and safest way is buy coc gems from a great site,! Below we will give you some brief introduction of the latest update for Clash of Clans game!


Firstly, the Santa’s Surprise spell will make a return alongside what appears to be the Santa’s Strike defense. Surprise is essentially an augmented lightning spell with greater splash damage. Strike is a defensive trap that attacks randomly at a fixed radius. When deployed, it drops presents with Elixir inside.

 Later, Freeze Trap supposedly “stops attackers in their tracks” with a trigger radius of two tiles, added splash damage and no target preference.

 On the very last day of gifts, the Ice Wizard from Clash Royale will make his Clash Of Clans debut. He’s designed to attack defenses with area splash on the ground and in the air. The Wizard costs four housing space and has a movement speed of 16.“This legendary wizard slows down enemy defenses with destructive shards of ice,”the new troop’s description reads.

 So far, a new patch was just released along with a series of balance changes. What changes are you looking forward to in Clash of Clans? To help you defeat the enemy more efficiently, you can equip yourself with an abundance of CoC gems. You just have come to the best place to purchase clash of clans gems with lower price. BTW, full stock of clash royale gems and game of war gold are provided!

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