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Mini-Guide for DE Farming
I don't post on the forum often because I am usually always farming like crazy lol So please pardon my lack of writing skills
And I am posting this because it appears that there isn't much of a focus on DE farming on the forum (correct? because I don't check forum too often). So I just want to share my understanding and experience, that DE farming is more important than gold farming in TH9, actually
The key reason is because if you focus too much on gold farming, and neglect DE farming in TH9, you will end up with sleeping builders near the end of TH9 - I know a few high level farmers ended up like that and have been forced to upgrade to TH 10 without maxing heroes - in order to avoid wasting builder time.
And I believe in prioritizing heroes in upgrades for TH9 because: - BK has 20 lvs to upgrade, and AQ 30 lvs in TH9, and you can only put 1 builder towards each hero at any given time, while the rest of the towers only have 1-3 levels of upgrades to do (if you maxed TH8) - It takes about 6 months of builder time for AQ approximately (can't remember exactly the total time but should be roughly this much) - It takes about 4.5 months of builder time for BK approximately (calculated right after last update came out) - If you focus on gold farming, you might need 7-14 months of farming time to gather needed DE to max both heroes, but if you focus on DE you should be able to farm enough de to keep both heroes upgrading almost non-stop (fingers crossed, and I will post my DE farming journey in this thread if I may - I estimate about 4-5 months of DE farming before I can max my heroes) - Each hero is like a CC: costs nothing to get, simply has a cool down period, and they are useful in both defense and offense
My Archer Queen is currently being upgraded to lv 14 and Burger King going to lv 15. I started DE farming a bit late and also when I got to TH9 I didn't realize how important DE farming is, so I hope other farmers will not make the same mistake I have made A clan mate of mine, Abrenan321, also focuses on DE farming heavily. He has developed some excellent strategies for DE farming in TH8-TH9. He just got to TH9 like 2 weeks ago, and his Archer Queen is already upgrading to lv 9 I learned a lot from his DE farming strategies to formulate my own, which I will talk about in upcoming posts. I will record some DE farming videos and share with everyone on the forum soon, including army composition and deployment strategies..
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