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New Heroes & Ideas Before Update (From a User)
Ok, so I know an update just came out but I never stop thinking about new ideas haha. My first idea is that once you beat the goblin trail you unlock the Goblin Master. That would provide more people incentive to beat the trail. He would be a hero like the barbarian king and archer queen. He is a very very quick and like a goblin goes for resources first. When defending he is very weak but protects your resources. My next hero idea is the Ogre. He is a bigger stronger giant! So strong he is now considered an ogre. When attacking he takes after the giant and goes for defenses. When protecting he likes to protect your town hall and does 50% better damage within a small range of it. The Wizard Lord is a mysterious hero in which you can change what he shoots. (Lightning, fire, Ice, Heal, ECT) You can also create custom made potions and spells with him and his brewing station. Some potions will be nothing but muck but some rarely and perfectly crafted will create wonders. I have more ideas for Heros but I'll save them for another post. Only 2 of the heroes can be active at one to defend your base. The next thing, (really important to me) is have more clan levels than member elder and leader. Maybe 2 co-leader spots and 5 high elders. Another idea is an x-ray spell that shows traps and hidden teslas. Also a way to send messages to one/selected members in your clan would be nice. I think a different barracks hut that housed 5-10 new "beasts" would be cool. Lastly I would love to see a clan battle where you get matched against a similar clan (Must have 25 members in each clan to prevent boosters) and for 3 days those are the only people you can battle. When you hit attack you get a random member in that clan and whichever clan has more wins/a better record each member in that clan gets a big loot bonus. (500,000 elixar and gold and 1,500 dark elixar) The 3 members with the wins on the winning side get 250 gems a piece. These battles happen once a month. I have more ideas but tell me what you think of those! .
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