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Hay Day's Halloween Updates

The new Halloween themed update for Hay Day is now available in the App Store and we are super excited about all the new features, additions and not to forget fixes this update is packed with! It's a goody bag filled of all kinds of sweet things. Without any further ado, here's the full list of what this nifty free update (version 1.13.284) comes with:

New features: Halloween has arrived-- • Your farm animals have dressed up in their favorite spooky outfits. Can you guess each of their costumes? • Take in a beautiful new autumn theme for your farm, including fog, jack-o-lanterns and flying bats • 6 new, limited-time decorations are now available in the shop. Be sure to get them before the Halloween theme ends! • Occasionally, a very special Halloween ghost will appear in the fishing area for every player at the same time. If you spot it, let other players know on our forums and Facebook page. Tap the ghost and it might drop a super unique decoration for your farm.

New features: The mayor is introducing new events with awesome rewards-- • From now on the Mayor himself will request your help with new limited-time events that you will find on the event board. These events have 5 different stages that each trigger eggtastic rewards when completed. Completing an event level will also help contribute toward a collective community goal. Achieve it together and everybody will be handsomely rewarded. • Also stay tuned for upcoming special fishing events that you will find on the event board as well. During these events look out for 4 new and very unique fish to complete your collection in your fishing book.

Other features-- • Updated UI for products in each production building: Open any production building and hold down your finger on any product. The tooltip that appears from now on will also show how many of that specific product you already have in your barn. • Notification settings: Based on your feedback, we added new options in the settings menu. You can now choose for yourself exactly which notifications you want to have active and turn off those you don’t want to see.

Plus • UI improvements: we greatly reduced the area around the speed up buttons to help prevent accidental diamond spending. • Lobster tails and other lobster products are now more valuable, meaning you can ask for a lot more coins when you decide to sell them in the roadside shop or get more coins when you do truck/boat orders • The same applies for the following products: Shepherds Pie, Casserole, Potato Feta Cake, Cafe Mocha, Raspberry Mocha, Lobster Soup, Tomato Soup (orders only), Fish Soup (orders only), Frutti di Mare Pizza. • Based on community feedback, other players' roadside shops now show sold items in grey rather than the picture of the person who bought it. • Added our own unique Hay Day jingle to the startup screen. • Added Japanese language support • Improved friends list • Resolved Facebook connection issues • Fixed several other reported and reproduced bugs & issues

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