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Clash of Clans Bug Fix

Hello Clashers! In the next update we’re fixing a bug that has affected a small group of people, and we wanted to give you a heads up so you know what’s going on.

Bug: allowed 1-2 extra upgrades in laboratory even if it wasn’t possible without research and correct laboratory level. Note that these extra upgrade levels DIDN’T cost Elixir.
Example: Laboratory level 3, but Archers are level 5 due to this bug (even if at Laboratory level 3, only Archer level 3 can be researched)

Fix: all such extra troop levels will be brought back to the maximum level allowed by your current Laboratory level. Note that no Elixir will be refunded for removed levels, since Elixir hasn’t been used.
Example: Laboratory level 3, Archer level will be set to 3 (as this is the maximum level researchable with laboratory level 3)

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and possible confusion!

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