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Kabam Gives You Their Christmas Mess Up

The following has been up in the caravan for about 5 hours now and the boxes still are not in the shop.

And here I asked Santa for Kabam to act professional for just one month, sigh. Santa, I guess I was bad.

Liese is a passionate woman and Colby and Tomas are the main subjects of her desires. As she never can decide between the two of them, she created boxes that will randomly remind her of one or the other.

She's willing to give you one of these boxes, because if there's one thing she loves more than Colby and Tomas, it's gems!

Liese's Mystery Box contains:

Colby OR Tomas

Colby contains:

200,000 or 100,000 Siege Walls AND
150,000 or 30,000 Heavy Cavalry AND

Guinevere's Hourglass or
Smith's Token or
Forgemaster Token 7 or
Forgemaster Token 9 or
Master's Token +13 or
Master's Token +14 or
Blade of the Wild

Tomas contains:

Master's Token +14 or
Master's Token +13 or
Master's Token +12 or
Smith's Token or
Merlin's Magical Tokens or
Guinevere's Hourglass


30,000 Flame Archers or
30,000 Archers or
10,000 Catapults

Grab one of her boxes before she changes her mind!

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