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My idea and suggestion for Boom Beach

I can get Boom Beach diamonds after finishing the task! That sounds pretty nice! I played this game Boom beach for several days, in fact, many of my friends in the game always discuss how to defend a more practical way, in other words, this game is very particular about the layout . Here I will share my personal experiences to explain the layout of the beach Boom all raiders.

First, the defense failed in your original database has been deleted, it is the key to the battle. So to protect your home base is the top priority and now question is how to protect? Of course, Boom Beach diamonds will help a lot. Skills, should be as your base can not be too far outside or inside the seat too, because in both cases you will lose.

Boom Beach training provision is essentially the same thing with the COC defense system, for example, do not let this happen: the enemy is attacking your first defense, second defense but can not reach it. But be careful here, because the inner circle is enough that you can add additional defensive measures specifically to protect high.

In terms of the bomb, in fact use it to kill the attackers is not supposed to be a success, but at least make their blood can not bear the next bomb attack and they can not get enough blood to you attack a second time over. Then we will have enough ATK to exterminate them. You can also buy diamonds Boom Beach at your starting point ~ Let us here on Boom Beach.

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