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Note for Heroes of Camelot

      This was composed with the intention of demonstrate suggestions of improvement to the heroes of Camelot, as a way to solve some of the issues/problems that many players have been encountering in the game. Problems that were debated between us regularly and that hinder our attempt to improve in this game, to the point of, some of us starting to think giving up on the game.

      To prevent this from happening and that the accumulation of these factors does not lead to a serious general dissatisfaction, me and some companions decided, for good, intervene on the forum so that what makes us very unhappy may change and enable an open discussion and the participation of various members that are from another countries.

      The suggestions that follow, were designed in an attempt to not harm the Kabam at the point of view of business, main reason that led to the creation of this game Suggestions Those that are underlined are definitely the most important

1- Change the way of making perfect evolutions. a. Instead of having to improve 2 cards to the maximum, so that each one gives 10% bonus, it would have more utility if we improved only one of the cards and that one gave 20% bonus. Still it would be necessary to make a perfect evolution 8 cards but 4 of them wouldn´t be enhanced. This way it would continue to be necessary constant summons using stones and the well known gems.

Example: Making a perfect t2 morbius would require 2 morbius t1 but only one of them would be improved to level 50, giving 20% bónus. Making a perfect t3 morbius – use the 2 t2 morbius with the same method mentioned above. It´s annoying spending my time in the game constantly farming to do perfect cards. The point of this game it’s not to do that, even so, it´s almost the only thing i´m doing every single day.


b. Keep the form as the evolutions and improvements are made but decrease the massive quantities of cards of 2 star and 1 star that are necessary to achieve the maximum levels. with this I want to say that the amount of “points” that each card contribute so that the main hero grows 1 level, should stabilize after lvl 30 instead of decrease rapidly in each level, as currently happens.

Example: I need just one “1 star card” to improve the “main” card to lvl 2, still at lvl 30 i need like 16 of them. What would be very nice to do here is to maintain de contribute of each card, so i would constantly need those 16 cards to evolve the main card after the lvl 30 and so on. OR c. Remove the increase of 10 levels that appear at every new stage of evolution stage, keeping the levels needed to improve, at each stage, related with the stars that the card has. Example: A 5 star card at t1, t2 or t

3 stage should have only 50 lvl of improvement, but at t4 when she is 6 star the maximum would be 60 star. Because the number of lvl’s were reduced, the quantity of pv and atk gain at each lvl of improvement would be higher to maintain the standard values that are used today.

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