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Boom Beach Tower targetting logic

       I tried finding some information on how towers decide who to attack, but didn't really find anything. I'm only level 14, but so far from reading a couple strategy guides I was under the impression that towers simply target the first attacker that comes within range, and will keep attacking until that troop is either dead or moves away.

      However, I just tried to attack a resource base where this didn't happen. I think Boom Beach Diamonds will help me a lot.Specifically, I was taking out the HQ that was covered by a rocket launcher. I thought my heavies will have no problem weathering the rockets while my zookas make quick work of it. The heavies were well ahead of the zookas and the launcher fired a full salvo at them as they were standing and shooting at the HQ. However, shortly after that the zookas came in range of the launcher and it started shooting at them. It killed all the zookas (very quickly) and then switched back to the heavies who were still shooting at the HQ.I made a hasty retreat at this point.

       So, my question then is, how exactly do towers decide who to attack when there are multiple potential targets present? There are all these "meat shielding" and "hooka" strategies, but none of them say how to make the towers target your heavies. Thanks!

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