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Advice for Boom Beach Players!

           Well you're stuck on a base so you've come to this forum looking for help. That's great! You've come to the right place! Here are a couple of pointers for starting a thread that will make it easier for people to help you out:

           1. If it's a NPC Single-Player base check the sticky at the top first. Many of them are covered.

           2. Post a picture! (And please rotate it properly), even if it's a Dr. Terror which you assume we've all                  seen. By the time I get to Level 9, I can barely remember what Level 8 was...much less Level 4!

         3. Provide as much detail as possible!

         Give your Exp Level and HQ's important!

         State what your Gunboat energy is.Say how many Landing Craft you have and what each ones capacity is. 36 capacity could be 4 Level 5 LC or a Level 8 and 4 level 2s...detail helps!

         State your Armory level and what level troops you have...don't make a generic statement like "My troops are all maxed" because I have no clue, offhand, what max troops are for an HQ7. I probably won't go to the trouble of looking it up either.

          State Artillery and Barrage levels. Levels on flare, medkit, shock etc aren't really necessary. Include attack/health/gunboat statue boosts if applicable.

        Seriously...just about every "Help me with this base" thread starts with the same first few responses asking for this info. Provide it when you start and you'll get faster and more accurate assistance.

        Good luck and Happy Booming!

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