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Suppestion about COC Heroes

        A lot of players have been offering their feedback and asking us to roll back the changes in the recent update, specifically those made to Heroes. We’d like to go ahead and confirm that we will not be rolling back this update/changes.

       What we are going to do is to continue monitoring the situation closely and should there be the need to rebalance their stats in the future (due to the integration of new in-game elements, etc) then we will do so to ensure the balance of the game. Changes to hero statistics were carefully considered and most importantly, tested to the very last detail in all variants, and we remain extremely confident that these were the best possible changes for Clash in the long term.

       There were three main reasons we wanted to make changes to the heroes:

1. Heroes were not living up to their defensive potential. For example, heroes were easily lured into the corner of a base and destroyed within seconds.

2. Low-level heroes were not strong enough. These are heroes we are talking about… they should have much more to offer.

3. Heroes were too overpowered at high levels, limiting the amount of strategy needed to utilize them in battle. This was due to the introduction of abilities without a corresponding balancing of Hero stats.

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