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How to build Clans :)

The Founding-
-Make a clan with group of people that looks loyal and more. 
-ALWAYS have clan on INVITE ONLY
-Have Requirements to join as your elders/co leaders can accept on that basis. 

*Show good manners and be nice to your members
*Do not suddenly leave.
*Send Daily mails to bond wth your members!
*Promote only if they are loyal.

About Donating!
All clans like donations as I said above..but some clas are strict about it and will be negative when you don't follow them. Remember to follow them if you want to stay!
Receiving more than donated..
Some people request more than donated. That's fine in some clans..but other clans might not tolerate it. Just remember to follow specific Clan Donating Rules and Donate when you see a request. Most IMPORTANTLY,join clan that you think you can meet their rules! Always bad to join a clan feling negative about keeping rules!  Thank YOU Marika(Supercell Staff) for the Advice about donations!


Things YOU SHOULD never DO!
As a leader
-Never make your clan "Free Elder"..
-Try not to promote Joiners until their "NEW" sign disappears.

As a coleader
Do not KICK everyone and be a troll
-Don't mess with descriptions unless leader tells you to..
-Do not send trash mails

As a elder
Don't boss around members
-Don't Troll around 
-Don't ask for coleader because it's a important spot and leader has to decide

As a member
-Do not ask for elder
-Do not donate what's not requested

Also,TAKE A VOTE on poll!
Well, thats about it! 
I have took time and care into this so READ CAREFULLY and...

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