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Clan War: Preparation Day (24 hours)

What happens during preparation day?
This is the day when clans prepare their defenses, gather information about, and start making plans against the opposing clan. There are no attacks during preparation day, but it is a crucial time for devising a strategy to win the war!

There are three main activities during preparation day: rearranging your war base, donating reinforcement troops to your clan mates, and scouting enemy war bases.

How do I rearrange my war base?
During preparation day, your war base will automatically rearrange to match your village layout. If you want to rearrange your war base, just rearrange your regular village. Be aware that your war base can not be rearranged after preparation day has ended,

How does Clan Castle troop donation work in clan wars?
The clan castle in your war base is different from the clan castle in your village and must be filled separately. The troops donated to a war base will be used to defend it against all attacks during battle day.

Unlike your regular village, there is no need to request troops for your war base. Instead, all war bases are automatically open for troop donation during preparation day. To donate, simply tap on a clan mate’s war base during preparation day and donate troops directly. Remember, troops cannot be donated to war bases during battle day.

Can I request specific clan castle troops to defend my war base?
Yes. You can write a custom troop request by tapping your war base on the war map and changing the donation request message.

What happens when I scout a war base?
You can freely scout all allied and enemy war bases for the duration of the clan war (and even after the war is over) to view their base layout. Scouting is a crucial tool for clan war strategy, as it allows you to give advice to allies and plan in advance for attacks against the enemy.

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