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Battle Camp: Cheats for Attacking and Leveling Mobs

Find battle camp gold package at the lowest price here! Battle Camp is an addictive and challenging mobile game for those who are crazy about puzzle games. In this game, players try to  put together a talented team of monsters and work with a troop of fellow Rangers to bring down rivals, wage Troop Wars against others and dominate weekly events.

If you're skilled enough, that is. Have you figured out some secrets for getting battle camp gold, evolution and leveling mobs? Not yet? Here, we are going to share with you some practical battle camp gold cheat. Read on if you are interested!

Tips for attacking:

- Make sure every mob on your team has the same zodiac. This will result in the Passive ability on all of your mobs being active. A team of five matching rares is more powerful than a team of supers with a mis-match of zodiacs.

- The main mobs on your team should have complimentary Active and Passive abilities. This means if your Passive is attack based then the Active should be attack focused as well.

- Double tapping your mob during battle will fire the active if it's ready to deploy. If you are looking for battle camp cheaper gold, then you just have found the perfect website offering the most reasonable prices and instant delivery!

- If you're struggling with mobs healing themselves use mobs with Lacerate or Wound active to stop them from healing.

- Element attack boosters will double the base attack only, not the total attack. Take a look at your PR breakdown to view your base attack.

- When battling multiple mobs, you can target a mob individually just by clicking on it (a cursor will display on the mob) prior to making your move.

- Toxic and Venom do not stack so only have one Toxic or Venom mob on your team.

- Regen stacks so you can have multiple mobs with this active on your team if you wish.


Tricks for Evolving & Levelling Mobs:

- Use the Feeding Guide and XP Table to help calculate the most productive way to level your mob using what you have available.

- Uncommons have the best feed value of all common mobs so always farm at the Lost Temple for levelling mobs.

- Use five same element uncommons to quickly level up a level 1 or 2 uncommon to level 15-20 at minimal stone cost. We are offering you battle camp gold generator no survey, so feel free to purchase online now!

- When evolving super/ultra/epic mobs always make sure to Perfectly Evolve (PE). This means ensuring all 'ingredients' are maxed before you use them to evolve. Failure to PE a mob will mean the stats for you mob will be much lower than they should be.

As for how to collect the monsters and make the perfect matches in Battle Camp, we will provide you with some excellent strategy and guides in the future news, so please keep close here! You can purchase trustfully and purchase here. We guarantee you that buying battle camp cheaper gold through our store is much safer than using other battle camp gold hack tools!


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